<Company Profile>
Company nameOriental Brewing Ltd.
Established22th March 2016
DirectorMakoto Tanaka
Head Office29-8 Ibaraki-Cho Kanazawa Japan 9200994
Brewery3-2-22 Higashiyama Kanazawa Japan 9200831




Makoto Tanaka

  • Born in Komatsu, Ishikawa. ( 1983 )
  • Lived in Kanazawa during high school days and graduated Keio University.
  • After graduating University, engaged in variety of project in IBM as business consultant for 9 years in Tokyo.
  • Go back to Kanazawa, Married. Travel all over the world for a year with the wife and experienced lots of beer.
  • Studied how to brew in Bakgården brewery(Sweden)/ Caiquen  brewery(Chile).Founded Oriental Brewing in 2016 .



Shingo Hirao

  • Born in Osaka ( 1985 )
  • Graduated Kanazawa University. Worked at Osho which is a major restaurant chain for 5 yearsto have own restaurant.
  • Retired Osho and started his own Tavern named ZOO in 2014. It got popular in Students.
  • Participated in the Foundation of the Oriental brewing in 2016.



Shunsuke Shinohara

  • Born in Saitama ( 1989)
  • Graduate  University and start his carrer in general company. One day, he realized his passion for beer by drinking Belgium beer Duchesse de Bourgougne
  • Obtained the qualification of beer taster and basic beer brewer, to show the passion for beer
  • Started working as brewer in Hitachino Nest beer in  2015.
  • Participated in Oriental Brewing as brewer in 2016.